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Welcome to your competition success!! My name is Natasha Althoff, and I am a Grand Prix dressage rider that has ridden dressage for the last 20 years

I wanted to create this website and record some videos for you guys so that you can enjoy the same competition success as I do. It hasn’t always been this way – there have been many competitions where it has not gone well… where I have come last… in fact more than last!! I have been eliminated before and things have not gone well.

There is definitely a system and a structure to how you have competition success. I don’t always get it right – you have your wins and you have your losses.

I wanted to share with you my system of how to have your best chance of competition success.

I have found that riders need help with three things.

1. Nerves

Most people get nervous – some people get a little bit nervous, and some people get a lot nervous! It’s ok – you should be getting nervous when you compete!! It’s how you deal with that and how you handle the competition nerves that determines how you go in the competition arena.

2. The Warm Up

There is a lot going on in the warm up arena! There are other horses – there are horse shy horses, big horses, loud horses etc…  How do you keep your focus, how do you understand how to warm up your horse correctly when there is so much going on?

3. Learning the Test

How do you memorise the test? How do you not just carry out the test, but slow down time and get into the movement of each test, and really do the movement to the best of your ability and not have the other voices come in and put you off?

To help you with these things, to ensure success in the competition arena I have recorded 3 videos. Make sure you fill out the form below, or on the top right hand side of this page, to get these 3 videos emailed out to you. I trust you utilise them and benefit from them so that you go to your next competition and really enjoy it and have fun! So that gives you a love for competition, and an understanding of how competition success is attained.

Have an amazing day and I look forward to hearing how my videos have helped you!

To Your Success


Natasha Althoff